Alain Verbeke is a world-renowned thought-leader on value creation through the effective governance of complex, multi-divisional organizations. Dr. Verbeke has extensive practical experience and deep insight into the governance challenges facing large, multi-divisional organizations, both in the private sector and in government. He helps business leaders and organizations to think boldly when designing strategies for the future. By focusing on building and managing successful businesses through effective governance structures and systems, Dr. Verbeke helps top management committees and boards of directors to enhance shareholder value, and to create broader stakeholder benefits and sustainable competitive advantage. Alain Verbeke delivers the combined value of an experienced international business strategist and senior advisor to business and government leaders around the world. He has been associated with a number of the world’s leading business schools, including Oxford and Cambridge, and regularly presents his strategic management insights to senior management in large organizations. Dr. Verbeke is not only a highly accomplished speaker and presenter but also a talented and well-trained moderator of panel discussions and roundtables at the highest management level. He is a valuable contributor to any senior management discussion on the subjects of international expansion, managing the innovation process in its entirety, multinational head office – subsidiary relationships, and organizational excellence with a focus on increasing the reliability of individuals, teams and the organization as a whole.


Dr. Alain Verbeke is the President of ECSA, a consulting firm conducting high-level strategic advisory studies for government agencies and business firms, with a focus on multi-divisional governance, as well as general strategy analysis, including economic impact studies, cost-benefit analyses and multi-criteria analyses. ECSA works with a team of top-level analysts, all of these holding doctorates or master’s degrees in management.


In addition to his solid reputation for conducting world-class strategic management studies in the transport and global logistics sector, Dr. Verbeke has also directed extensive work on numerous firms’ strategic decision making during the past decade, dealing with these firms international expansion strategies and the challenges they face in the form of compounded distance and resource recombination barriers in global markets. These firms include the following large multinational enterprises:





Four Seasons Hotels







General Electric

Anheuser Busch - Inbev